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Saltwater - Transom mount- 12/24V - 36 to 52" - 40 to 80lb

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Riptide® Transom steps up to the rigors of saltwater and never backs down. Where lesser motors fold their tents and head home under pressure, Riptide Transom brings it day after day. You simply cannot find a trolling motor better suited to give saltwater the ultimate stare down. End of story.

1 - DO NOT USE YOUR CAR BATTERY, use deep cycle batteries, preferably of AGM technology.
2 - Calculate the amps consumed by your engine:

Thrust (lb) / Engine Voltage x 12 = Amps consuming

For example, an engine of 55lb:
55lb / 12V x 12 = 55 Amps
55lb / 24V x 12 = 27.5 Amps
55lb / 36V x 12 = 18.3 Amps

3 - Calculate the Amps per hour and select the battery depending on the number of continuous hours of autonomy development.

Battery required = (consumption in Amps) x (% power) x (operating hours) x 1.3

For example, we will use the previous engine at 75% power and want to use about 3 hours:
55A x 0.75 x 3 hours x 1.3 = 160.88 Ah

You can see our battery catalogue HERE

1 - Do not use "cheap" constant voltage chargers. Use an automatic digital 3-stage charger
2 - Determine how many batteries you want to load at a time
3 - Add the Amp Hour (Ah) of all batteries to be charged at a time
4 - Select the appropriate charger

1 battery of 100Ah (C20H): Need charger of 12V with one output and capacity of 100Ah
2 batteries of 132Ah (C20H) each and connected in parallel: You need a 12V charger with two outputs and a 260Ah capacity.
3 batteries of 86Ah (C20H) each and connected in series: You can use a 12V charger with two outputs and a 172 Ah or 24V with one or more outputs and 182Ah

You can see our charger catalogue HERE

Choose your motor and battery:

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    Manufacturer of engines electric drag of small boats for fishing, models for fishing in the sea and swamp, spinning or trolling fishing Minn Kota electric drag engine started life in 1934 in Fargo, North Dakota. Mr. OG Schmidt, inventor of drag engine, was known to be a man of many different ideas. Before the drive electric motor, Mr. Schmidt invented, produced and sold a copper welding torch from his home in Wheatland, North Dakota. Due to its success, the manufacturing operations were then moved to Fargo. Due to its proximity to the Minnesota - North Dakota border, Mr. Schmidt named the company El Minn Kota Manufacturing Company. Since its founding, Minn Kota has led the way in product innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our list of Minn Kota "firsts" supports this commitment to the development of the electric motor of trawl fishing
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