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8,4" LCD screen. Dual frequency 50/200 kHz. Power: 600 W/1 kW (with coupler and special transducer). Without transducer



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The FURUNO FCV-585 is a high performance, dual-frequency color digital echo sounder (50 and 200 kHz) with high transmission output power (600 Watts/1 kW*). It has been designed for small fishing and recreational boats. FURUNO"s 50 years of proven marine electronics technologies are concentrated into its compact waterproof unit. *In order to use the output power of 1 kW, the Matching Box MB-1100 is required. The FCV-585 features new digital signal processing technology.

The digital filter helps adjust gain, STC and output power as well as suppresses main bang (echoes just below transducer) The digital filter helps adjust gain, STC and output power as well as suppresses the main bang (echoes just below the transducer). The suppression of the main bang allows you to see the echoes from the fish just underneath the craft. This employment of the new technology facilitates outstanding detection both in shallow and deep water.

There are four basic operational modes: Single-Frequency (50 or 200 kHz), Dual-Frequency, Zoom (Marker Zoom/Bottom Zoom/Bottom- Lock) and NAV data. For operation simplicity, an Auto mode is also provided. There are two types of Auto Mode available: Cruising and Fishing. Fully utilizing the digital filtering technology finest echo picture for different purposes can constantly be obtained. When networked with a GPS sensor and speed sensor, the own ship position and own ship's speed can be confirmed on the screen. TLL of the favorite fishing spot can be registered to the networked GPS plotter for the next fishing trip.

The FCV-585 employs a high-resolution 8.4" color LCD (TFT) screen for vivid presentation and wide viewing angle. Its new unit design concept allows the display unit to swivel around when desktop mounted. Also, a quick release bracket makes flush mount installation quick and simple.

  • Newly employed digital filter can achieve thorough detection in both shallow and deep water
  • The main bang (echo just below the transducer) is suppressed to less than 40 cm so that the fish echoes below the transducer can easily be observed.
  • Two types of Auto Mode available: Cruising and Fishing
  • Fast pulse transmission rate to achieve outstanding shallow water echo presentation
  • Dual frequency 50/200 kHz
  • High output power of 600 W/1 kW* *Matching Box MB-1100 required
  • TLL output for an interfaced GPS plotter display
  • High-resolution 8.4" sunlight viewable bright 256 color LCD with a wide viewing angle
  • Echo presentation in 8/16/64 color gradation
  • Customized NAV data display when interfaced with appropriate sensors
  • New design that allows the display unit to swivel around when table-top mounted
  • Easy to flush mount
  • Easy to operate by two rotary knobs for gain control and mode changes
  • Without transducer


  • Frequency 50 and 200 kHz
  • Output Power 600 W/1 kW* *Matching Box MB-1100 required


  • Display Type 8.4" color LCD
  • Effective Display Area 128.2 (W) x 170.9 (H) mm
  • Pixel Number 480 x 640
  • Display Mode Single frequency (high/low freq.), Dual-frequency,
  • Zoom, Nav data-1/2, A-scope, Marker zoom, Bottom zoom, Bottom-lock
  • Basic Range* 2-800 m *m, ft, fa, p/b is selectable in the menu
  • Range Phasing up to 800 m
  • Expansion Range 2-800 m (Sectional expansion), 3-10 m (Bottom-lock expansion)
  • Picture Advance Speed 8 steps: stop, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1
  • Pulselength & PRR 0.1-3 ms, Max 2,000 pulse/min
  • Interface RMA, RMB, RMC, BWC, GLL, GGA, MWV, VTG,
  • (IEC61162, NMEA0183) VHW, MTW, XTE, MDA, HDT, HDG
    RMA*, RMB*, RMC*, BWC*, GLL*, GGA*, MWV*, VTG*,
    VHW*, MTW*, XTE*, MDA*, HDT*, DBT, DPT, MTW**,
    VHW**, TLL*, HDG*
    • *: GPS sensor required;
    • **: Speed/temperature sensor is required.


  • Temperature -15°C to +50°C
  • Waterproofing IEC IP55


  • 1.0-0.5 A


Compatible transducers:
600 W
 520-5PSD (plastic through-hull)
 520-5MSD (bronze through-hull)
 525-5PWD (plastic Poop)
 525ST-MSD (bronce through-hull, with vel/temp)
 525ST-PWD (espejo de popa, plastico with vel/temp)
1 kW
 50kHz: 50B-6, 50B-6B
 200kHz: 200B-5S,
 50/200kHz double frecuency doble: 50/200-1T

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