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Offering High-Definition Side Imaging technology for picture-like views of the bottom, the 1100 series is the ultimate fishing tool, doubling as a navigational device with an included GPS and built-in ContourXD maps.

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The Humminbird 1100 Series Sonar features a massive screen with pristine 600V x 800H pixel clarity. Offering High-Definition Side Imaging technology for picture-like views of the bottom, the 1100 series is the ultimate fishing tool, doubling as a navigational device with an included GPS and built-in ContourXD maps.

Dual Beam PLUS: Get the best of both worlds, with selectable narrow and wide beams you can view individually, or melded into one display. Features precision, 20° beam that is optimized for excellent bottom detail, and reveals fish hidden in bottom clutter, along with wider, 60° beam provides greater coverage for fish and bait fish. Beams may be viewed separately, side by side, or blended together for the most complete picture. 1x bottom coverage allows you to find fish and structure in an area equal to your depth.

Optional QuadraBeam PLUS: provides full 90° coverage from side to side or directly below. DualBeam PLUS 60° and 20° beams scan below the boat and two fan-shaped 35° beams look to the sides, to shows whether fish are to the right, left or below the boat for cast placement. Unique display shows you two separate views, below and to the sides. Scans an area equal to twice your depth, revealing more fish and structure.

Side Imaging Sonar: Offering amazingly clear, picture-like images of fish, the bottom and structure, it is the ultimate structure-finding tool. Its massive coverage - 480ft from side-to-side (240ft in each direction) - allows you to scan in mere minutes what used to take hours. Its high frequency sonar (not a camera) cuts through murk with crystal clarity. (Select models only - see chart below)

Down Imaging Sonar: Humminbird pointed their Side Imaging technology in a new direction - straight down. Now you can see the detail of what is happening below your boat.  Timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other structure will pop with stunning detail as you patrol the water. (Available on select models only - see chart below)

All 1100 Series Units may be used with Navionics, LakeMaster, QuadraBeam PLUS, Ethernet, Satellite Weather, WeatherSense, CannonLink, InterLink, and much more.

Profundidad 2D   450M
Display  10.4" DIAGONAL
Resolución 600V X 800H
Tipo de pantalla  COLOR TFT
Color  65.000 COLORES
Coberturas  20º 60º & 180º @ -10dB
Frecuencia  50*/83/200/455/800 
Potencia de salida  1000WATTS (RMS)
8000 WATTS (PTP)
Consumo de corriente   1.3 AMPS
Temperatura  INCLUIDA
GPS / Velocidad  INCLUIDO / GPS
Retroiluminación SI
Transductor XHS-9-HDSI-180-T
Alimentación 10-20 VDC

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    Who we are Screenshot For more than 30 years we have been selling probes, favorite Fishfinder from United States - the leading innovator of Side Imaging Technology - Techsonic unveiled the LCR series, forerunners of liquid crystal displays. And in 1987, under the seal of the Humminbird brand, LCR4ID Locator became the # 1 product in sales, both sport fishing and marine industries. Throughout the 1990s, the Humminbird brand continued with new innovations, including the revolutionary introduction of the first sound of 3-D, 3-120 Dimension. Teleflex Incorporated of Limerick, Pennsylvania noticed the success of the company, and in 1993 partnered with Techsonic to create series broadband Humminbird ®, what would be the best launch of a product in Techsonic history. That year, Techsonic officially turned into a "Teleflex company". The new millennium began with continuous innovation which has become synonymous with Humminbird. The entry-level locators Piranha series was introduced in 2002. SmartCast wireless technology launched in 2003, opening the market to all anglers, even those fishing banks, docks and smaller boats. Later that year, the matrix fishing systems launched, which provides advanced capabilities of sonar, chartplotting and GPS for professional fishermen. In mid-2004, Johnson Outdoors acquired Techsonic industries. Known for his spirit of adventure and the legacy of innovation, Johnson Outdoors is the perfect complement to the Humminbird brand. As Helen Johnson-Leipold, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Outdoors has stated: "a greater future lies ahead, that we seek to take advantage of this formidable combination of technology and excellence consumer insight to drive growth in the marine electronics market".