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Hybrid 30i Led light by Ocean Led. Equal to 50w Xenon. Very useful attracting fish or squids

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The New Hybrid Series, the next generation of underwater lighting has arrived from industry leader OceanLED.
The Hybrids all-in-one technology marks it as the first high powered underwater LED light without any external power supplies or driver boxes.
Its new integrated built-in driver and electronics eliminate installation complications of the past and results in a much cleaner, faster installation.
Taking the 1â>> thru hull concept even further the Hybrid model now has the most versatile mounting method on an underwater light either surface mount the fixture on to the hull with a small 1â>> hole for cable access or thread the optional thru hull locking stem on to the rear of the light body and use as a traditional thru hull.
When space is a premium you can simply cut the stem to size and re-attach to the light fixture, for a customized fit.
Hybrids yield ultra-high light output, almost 40% brighter than its predecessor the 1520 the 30i is equivalent to any 50w Xenon underwater light on the market and most high powered LED competing lights.
Suitable for Fiberglass, GRP and wooden hulls up to 20m (65'), and also usable on aluminium/steel hulls/brackets using the Delrin Sleeve option.
Very useful attracting fish or squids

• All-in-One Technology
• Versatile Mounting Options
• Ultra-High Light Output - equal to 50w Xenon
• 12/24vDC
• 40,000+ Hour Life
• Aluminium Bronze AB2
• Plug & Play
• Factory Sealed Unit
• No Breakable Parts
• Reverse Polarity Protected


Mounting RecommendationsHybrid 30i
Boat sizeHasta 10m
Spacing between pins0,5-1,2m
Number of pins2-4
Space helmet0,5-1,2m
Maximum hull thickness90mm
Installation depth (from top lamp)150-200m
Light output equivalent to50w Xenon
Fixture Lumens* (total light output from a finished fixture)1100
Typical LED life expectancy40.000
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC9-32v DC
Current / Amp draw (12vDC)12vDC 1,5A, 24vDC 750mA
Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality)7m
Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality)25m
Profile (height) of fixture23mm
Total weight1,2kg
Extension cable length (standard)5m
Hole cut-out for cable entry26mm
MaterialAluminium-Bronze ABâ>> and polyacetate
LensTritonium Optical Lens

All OceanLED lights are factory sealed, essential for lighting components subjected to the corrosive marine environment.

Active Thermal Control
ATC is a continuous monitoring system built into all OceanLED lighting products to prevent overheating, thus improving LED performance and lumen maintenance.
In the event the lights become overheated, the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely.
All OceanLED lighting products are tested to work continuously in an ambient temperature of 65° Centigrade / 150° Fahrenheit.
Grade A Electrical-Opto Performance
OceanLED utilizes the very latest optical methods to achieve the highest Lumen Per Watt efficacy ratings on all its products.
Combining optical precision with Grade A Electrical components ensures maximum life cycles, minimal heat exposure, and flicker free operation and dimming.
OceanLED 3-Star Binning Promise
Millions of LEDs are produced every day, some better than others. LEDs are sorted or <> according to their light output, emitted color, and electrical efficiency.
OceanLED has developed its own unique Bin code to ensure the highest quality grade LEDs are selected, essential for the quality and consistency on which OceanLED prides itself, and the consumer expects.

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If you have doubts or questions about the operation or features of OCEANLED HYBRID 30i LIGHT, do not hesitate to get in touch with our service customer support.

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    OceanLED is the world’s most popular brand of underwater led lights. Based in the UK, our underwater lights are used on all sizes of boats lighting RIBs to superyachts. In 2005, OceanLED introduced LED as an alternative underwater light solution. LED is much more efficient, around 10% of the power consumption of regular bulbs. They are more robust, reduce heat and have a long life, reducing the need for hauling your boat.