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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Polarized Sunglasses scratch and shock resistant. 100% UV Protection

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Glass is undisputedly the best and most wanted lens material among fishermen.
They offer the best optical quality in terms of aberration and clarity.
The Shadow Glass represents a new thinner and lighter glass lens manufacturing technology.
The polarizing film is embedded between the fully scratch proof double layer glass lenses.
The Pro Guide Glass range consists of 3 different frame shapes made of TR 90 Super-flex Polymer that gives the glasses optimum support and flexibility.

 • TR90 Memory Plastic Frame
 • State-of-the-Art Super Lightweight Glass Lens
 • RVG-071 Supersized Lens and Bow
 • RVG-072 Double Injected Rubber Pad & End Tips
 • RVG-073 Extended Side Shield

RAPALA VISIONGEAR PROGUIDE GLASSS GLASSES is guaranteed by Rapala and manufactured with the best materials, giving a performance very good at a very good price.

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    It all started with a Finnish guy and a carving knife. Manufacturer of artificial, accessories, lures for all types of fishing in sea and inland. lure bags, tools, waders. It was the Decade of 1930, when a simple fisherman made a simple observation of genius: big fish eat small fish, mostly small fish that are wounded. Thus begins the greatest story ever told-fishing. Lauri Rapala fishing the waters of Lake Päijänne in Finland, in a low voice he rowed and noted. And what he saw was the hungry predator fish that embark on a school of small fish and attacking that swam with a wobble slightly off center. Over and over again. Lauri realized that if it could design a lure that imitates the movements of a wounded Minnow, could catch more fish, make more money, and not spending time on constant harassment lines. So Lauri went to work. The carving. Carved. And shaved. Eventually a decoy began to take shape. Using a shoe knife and some sand paper, it created its first successful lure of pine bark in 1936. Tinfoil chocolate bars form the outer surface of the attraction, melted photographic negatives of the protective layer. But more importantly, that perfectly mimicked the action of a Minnow wounded. Legend has it that sometimes Lauri caught 300 kg of fish per day with this new lure. And as the word of their abundant catches are extended, the reputation of the attraction grew. The rest, as they say, is history. The first bait was the ancestor of the temptation that has helped more anglers to experience the thrill of fish larger than any other: the original legendary ® Floating Rapala. The maneuver fish can't resist. As fishermen from around the world began to get more and bigger fish with lures of Rapala, it became apparent that what caused them was maneuver and bambo