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This computer replace the famous Gekko. It can operate with air or Nitrox. Depth range: 0-99m

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The Zoop is the new addition to the Suunto family replaces the venerable Suunto Gekko.
Ideal for those who need the modes of data transfer to PC and the sim.
The Zoop can be used with air or Nitrox, and is designed so you can see at a glance all the specifics of any diving situation, including decompression.

- Easy to use LCD screen with high brightness fluorescent
- Air and Nitrox modes for a variety of situations immersion
- Decompression algorithm continues with the Suunto RGBM
- Built dive planner to plan the next dive
- Optional PC interface to view detailed charts of daily immersion and analyze data
- Set the doll or to the console

Zoop is a Suunto dive computer with a high value for money and easy to use for recreational divers.
Although the Suunto Zoop is an excellent choice when searching for a first dive computer, your complete decompression functions and Nitrox mode means it has been designed to provide years of enjoyment with capital letters.

Effortless operation
  Buttons easy to use, clear menu structure and a phosphorescent screen LCD high brightness make Suunto Zoop handling it very simple.
  You can use the Suunto Zoop as a wrist unit or mounted in one of the Suunto Combo consoles.

Versatile multimode
  With two modes-air and nitrox diving, the Suunto Zoop is a versatile computer.
  Can be programmed for nitrox mixtures containing oxygen from 21% to 50% and adjusted to oxygen partial pressures from 1.2 to 1.6 bar.

Flexible Decompression
  With the algorithm RGBM Suunto, Suunto Zoop allows continuous relief for optimal ascent time.
  Both ascent rate and available no-decompression time are represented graphically with clear color coded indicators.
  Generates visual and audible alarms when necessary and can also trigger alarms maximum depth and dive time.

Planning and review
  With the built-in dive planner, you can project the next dive and see no-decompression time data for different depths before diving into the water.
  After the dip, use the optional PC Software Suunto Dive Manager to transfer your dive data to your computer and further analysis and for keeping a detailed log with graphical representations of all your dives.

Did you know ...
  The Suunto dive computer pulls your name Zoop Zooplankton - Microscopic marine animals that drift with ocean currents.

  Notice of battery time
  Low battery warning
  User replaceable battery

  Possibility of connecting a USB interface with any PC compatible
  Type of Phosphorescent Display Backlight
  Menu-based user interface on mobile phones
  Operating temperature 0 ° C - +40 ° C / 32 ° F - +104 ° F
  Adjustable units metric / imperial
  Temperature Range -20 ° C - +50 ° C / -4 ° F - +122 ° F
  Water resistant 100 m / 328 ft
  Weight 68 g

  Altitude Adjustment
  Monitor / ascent rate alarm
  Rise time display Up to 99 min
  Audible alarm
  Graph of time spent at the bottom
  Dive planner
  Full decompression data
  Remembrance unlimited
  Memory of the journal
  Maximum depth alarm
  Maximum depth display 99 m / 328 ft
  Air Operating mode
  Operating mode Nitrox
  Personal adjustment
  Sampling frequency of 30 s Profiles in seconds
  Safety stop
  Suunto Model decompression RGBM
  Temperature display

  CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF)
  Max PO2 adjustment 1.2-1.6
  O2% Setting 21-50%


PC Software
  Suunto Dive Manager

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