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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Depth max: 5m / 16x12, 16x22 and 22x29cm



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Protection for documents and other odds and ends
The ewa-marine DU is the ideal protection for documents, passports, airline tickets, money, calculators, GPS, organisers and a lot more. The handy sliding seal allows for easy opening and closing of the pouch.
The standard lanyard of the DU allows for easy carrying and storage.
Ideal for all those who want to protect their valuables while sailing, canoeing, boating or traveling in the tropics.
Although the DU can be submerged, it was not designed for prolonged use under water. It should not be used for scuba diving.

Depth max: 5m

EWA-MARINE DOCUMENT PROTECTOR WATERTIGHT COVER recommended by the team from Paranautica for practice of Nautical

All products from Paranautica are specialized to be able to Nautical

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  • Cover type: Watertight case
  • To save: Documentation
    Founded in 1947, near Munich, Germany, producing accessories for photography and video, Especializda in watertight cases for photo, video, or phone mobile (cellular). In 1970, more than 40 years ago, we invent and we started the manufacture of casings and flexible protective coatings for photo-, cinema and since 1980 by video cameras. We have a great worldwide reputation for high quality products and everything that bears the name of Ewa-marine is the "made in Germany" quality. All products are developed and then hand-made in our factory in Geretsried, close to 30 kilometers, or 20 miles to the South of Munich, in Bavaria. Each unit is subjected to a series of strict tests before leaving the factory. Flexible housings ewa-marine range offers solutions for most photo - (conventional digital and), film - and video available at present (and past). We can offer you a product to fit your camera, if a single 35 mm is photo format of medium high cost or even a television-camara or tripped. Our current range covers the following products: video's video SLR-cameras (AF and manual) compact cameras film - and TV cameras VFH - and UHF - mobile phones radios documents, maps, etc. The flexible shells are 100% waterproof and is designed to cope with water (including the salt or sea water), sand, dust and other nasty conditions, while allowing you to safely operate the equipment at the same time. Cabos-ewa marine range (or as they are sometimes called: Hurricane bells) and the low water housings provide the solution to protect your valuable equipment in all kinds of unpleasant weather conditions. And as a bonus, accommodation, combined with his own camera allow you to explore the fascinating and colorful underwater world, since they are completely submersible and absolutely waterproof.